Frequently Asked Questions

Over the years we’ve built up a large client base and network of offline business owners who need help with anything related to online marketing.
We receive inquiries asking us for help on selling their products
“How can we put our website online and take orders?”
“How can I sell my art online?
“How can I sell my own line of health care products from my website?”
“How do I setup online store as an addition to my website?
“How can I sell my computer training online?

Do you upload my categories and product's?

We upload all your Categories and upload your first 30 products with descriptions and images. We show you on your computer screen by an remote interface.

How do I know I an order has been placed on my Store?

You will receive an email from your website and an email from the payment gateway to confirm an successful order.

How do the shopping cart calculate delivery/shipping costs?

The flat rate shipping calculator is part of the default setting. For more advance shipping we setup an delivery database for different geographical area via postal codes, the shipping calculator automatically list the delivery charge when the client checks out the products. More advance shipping integrates with the courier company to get live price from their database and supply a tracking number.

Do I own my e-commerce website property?

We register your domain in your name, you own the domain and the website property and may host your website with another hosting company. We will transfer your website the hosting company and give the access rights to be transferred.

How many email can I have?

We supply 3 private emails.

Do I get free eCommerce hosting?

We offer free hosting for the first year

Do I pay an monthly fee?

We dont charge monthly fees, the only fee you pay after the free hosting for the first year would be between R 600.00 – R 900.00 for the 2nd years hosting depending how many products you have. Our service include full support.

What is your turn around time to complete my store?

We will complete the website within 5 working days for a standard eCommerce shop, after receiving the product spreadsheet, all product images, Privacy Policy, Terms & Condition, Delivery Policy, payment gateway registration ID’s or manual bank processing and other images like your logo or images for the slideshow or banners.

eCommerce site builder vs self owned domain eCommerce store.

When it comes down to SEO then a self owned and developed eCommerce store preform better, also consider that some site builders will charge an monthly fee and you need to host with the company. With an site builder you are locked in to host with the company and most of the time cannot own the source code. Your website is also part of a shared server environment and may share the same main domain name.

What is the expected growth of online shopping in South Africa?

The South African market were expected to spend up to R4.6 Bn on online shopping by the end of 2014, This figure will increase by at least 20% per year.

What are the advantages of your own e commerce store?

Expand your business globally.
Marketing and Product advertising are cheaper than print and traditional media.
Easy to manage and update product prices in the shopping cart.
Time saving for both vendor and customer to buy online.
eCommerce is useful in both small and big business..
Use organic search engine traffic, social media traffic and pay-per-click that are cost-effective for marketing and advertising.
An online store has an automation of check-out, billing, inventory management, payment gateway payments the operational costs is lower and you would need less employees to run your eCommerce business.
Customers do not have to travel long distances to reach a physical store as eCommerce allow customers to make their purchase online with a few mouse clicks.